Are you attending SourceCon?

If you are, I would like to see you. I am scheduled to be at SourceCon on February 19th, 2014. My session is part of the sourcing fundamentals tracks.

The presentation is titled: Cloaked  Keywords.

The presentation summary is provided below in case that you are interested:

Keyword search is a critical aspect of sourcing candidates. It appears easy, but is bound by a complex series of factors. This presentation will describe the elements that affect how keywords perform and the principles that underlie them, along with their practical application.

The understanding of these elements is the basis for the design of a strategy that would help to buffer a search from unwanted and irrelevant results. Through this understanding we acquire the ability to design an approach to deal with an ever changing search landscape. These factors, when understood and incorporated into a search practice, will deliver candidates in spite of the complex search dynamics or market challenges that we face.

SourceCon: For 7 years, SourceCon has been the premier sourcing conference — delivering the actionable tools to tackle the constantly evolving sourcing challenges of the sourcing and recruiting community. SourceCon returns to Atlanta in February to challenge the sourcing elite, and also provide a solid foundation for sourcers and recruiters who need to master the basics — from Boolean search to how to create a sourcing strategy. Whether you’re a sourcer or recruiter, work for a large corporation, a staffing firm, RPO, or as an independent – sourcing is your critical foundation for recruiting top talent.

Do look me up.

I am so much looking forward to seeing you there.

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