Anxiously waiting…

Never did I think writing a book would be so fulfilling. There were so many thoughts spinning around in my head. It has been feeling like a blender was switched on in my brain for a while now. In the midst of all this madness, many people kept pinging me to ask about what I was up to.

I received repeated requests for advice, tips, techniques, and tools which were the catalyst that got the book started. At times writing just flowed like water from a faucet, I couldn’t stop the words from typing themselves. Other times, not so much. Through it all, my driving thought was that I wanted to share as much as I possibly could with those that wanted to understand search better.

I tried to make of this book a form of knowledge transfer. My belief is that if we learn the basics correctly, there is no need for flashy tools. The better our foundational grasp of search the less we depend on tools or others to find the very people that we need.

I will be posting some excerpts from the book on the blog but the book covers about 60k words. I don’t think a blog is a format for it but I will be sharing portions of it here. Through the book I covered a detailed explanation of Boolean, Advanced search commands, and modifiers. Included in those explanations are a few free sites that will help you to do better at search.

My favorite part of the book is the explanation of the different approaches to queries. I was able to articulate four different search strategies. I just hope that you guys enjoy about them at least half as much as I have in writing it.

I am still don’t have a final publish date still awaiting but it is closing in rapidly. Just can’t wait.

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