The rules have changed


The searching rules have changed.

Any recruiter can attest to the fact that searching for candidates and finding the right candidates are two very different things. Keyword searching at its core requires a reshuffling of the sourcing mindset. It requires a certain way of looking at keywords.

The information age has awoken to find us with the largest of indexes being searched with the tiniest of devices. Today, we live in a world of data, huge numbers of files go into our applicant tracking databases and search engines. The more information that goes into them the level of skill required to find information also goes up. In spite of the increased skill required, the way recruiters search database has not changed at all in years.

The search industry would like to have you believe that it is really easy, even intuitive to find what you need. The truth is that there are a number of factors that affect search performance. To acquire keyword skills takes thoughtful and diligent effort.

It isn’t easy, but isn’t rocket science either. Fundamentally searching for candidates is not hard. On the other hand, if it was really easy everyone would be doing it right.

The art of searching with keywords was built on logical sense and structure. It has a few moving parts that require being intimately aware of them. Notwithstanding the complexity, good reasoning and common sense are enough to see you through.

Learning to master the art of keyword searching is not reserved for the elite or the smartest. It is at the reach of anyone that chooses to pursue it, no matter what degree of education or expertise they currently possess.

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