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The key to unraveling your search results

Proper understanding of keyword elements is the key to unraveling search results.

Proper understanding of keyword elements is the key to unraveling search results.

Many recruiters seem to think that keywords are individual words that describe the skills of candidates. While that may be true for them, to a database keywords are quite different. Databases don’t recognize them as either abilities nor do they match them to the specific skills you ascribe to them.

Databases update, modify, and retrieve keywords amazingly fast but they have their limits.  Keywords are neither seen nor read by databases and search engines in the same that way we see or read them. To databases a keyword is just a string of characters. Databases can’t distinguish between a string of symbols, numbers, or actual letters. To a search engine a keyword is just a string of characters. Using something like “@#$#&)”, or “7364639”, or “keyword” are all the same to it. A database doesn’t recognize that when you enter a word like “kids” that a good result might also be “children”. To a database “kids” is just a string of characters. It only matches each character in your keyword to bring only those results that include the letters “k”, “i”, “d”, “s”.

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Cloaked keywords

A strong search strategy is simply a product of good keyword choices fueled by the understanding of your search tools. Keywords are one of the most crucial aspects of a successful search and/or sourcing campaign. They are important to us as recruiters as we depend on them to be able to find candidates within our databases. They are important as they can provide a steady flow of candidates for recruitment success.

Using keywords to search ought to be simple. It can be, as long as you get the principles right. Of the many search tools available today, there is none better than the simple ones. While most search tools offered today have a lot of bells and whistles, they can either be expensive or take a long time to master. It doesn’t have to be that way. Searching for candidates doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you keep it simple.

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The rules have changed


The searching rules have changed.

Any recruiter can attest to the fact that searching for candidates and finding the right candidates are two very different things. Keyword searching at its core requires a reshuffling of the sourcing mindset. It requires a certain way of looking at keywords.

The information age has awoken to find us with the largest of indexes being searched with the tiniest of devices. Today, we live in a world of data, huge numbers of files go into our applicant tracking databases and search engines. The more information that goes into them the level of skill required to find information also goes up. In spite of the increased skill required, the way recruiters search database has not changed at all in years.

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Anxiously waiting…

Never did I think writing a book would be so fulfilling. There were so many thoughts spinning around in my head. It has been feeling like a blender was switched on in my brain for a while now. In the midst of all this madness, many people kept pinging me to ask about what I was up to.

I received repeated requests for advice, tips, techniques, and tools which were the catalyst that got the book started. At times writing just flowed like water from a faucet, I couldn’t stop the words from typing themselves. Other times, not so much. Through it all, my driving thought was that I wanted to share as much as I possibly could with those that wanted to understand search better.

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Keywords, the foundation of search.

The foundation of searchDid you Know?
Databases and search engines don’t know what your keywords mean, they don’t understand meaning any more than they understand humor or sarcasm.

Did you Know?
Word associations are more important to search performance than the meaning of the actual word.

Did you Know?
Unintended and inappropriate search results matched to keywords is the biggest time wasters we face as recruiters.

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Book Coming Soon!!

I’m very excited to announce that a new book is coming soon. There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes that most of you don’t know about. I’ve always thought it would be fun write an Book, but was discouraged by the fear of it taking too much time away from my work. But then again, I really wanted to write a book. And so I am.

I’ve completed the writing, and have all but finalized the title and cover art. If all goes according to schedule, this means a publication date sometime this month can be expected depending on how long publishing takes. It will be available on Amazon and a few other online retailers.

This book is an outline of my experience as a searcher. It contains the love of the craft that drives me. Along with it are also some of the hard learned lessons. Albert Einstein once said: “Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler”. The purpose of this book is to do just that, to make keyword searching uncomplicated in spite of all its complexities. It is meant to boil down search down to basic techniques. It seeks to create a straightforward presentation to give you a clearer sense of direction for your search. The many components of keyword search have been simplified to help you navigate your way through the even most difficult searches.

Keywords are cloaked in a level of simplicity. It seems so simple to just select a keyword and enter it into a search box. This simplicity masks the complex algorithm framework that drives keyword search. Far from being confusing, with clarity and insightfulness this is an in depth review of the principles and dynamics of keyword search. This book strips away the intricacies and compiles the best tools and techniques available.

It reviews the principles behind keywords and the dynamics of their connection to search in ways that everyone can understand. It reveals tips, techniques, tools, and strategies that have been tried, tested, and proven. It provides an eye opening review of the keyword principles to find even the toughest of skills sets. You will learn the principles that drive keyword performance and great search results.
You will also learn everything about keywords, Boolean, and advanced search commands to get the results you need. They will give you the freedom to focus on the many other demands of your job, while giving you the confidence that you are finding candidates that no one else is.

The review of the keyword principles alone will open your eyes to the newest strategies to finding candidates. These principles will keep you from making mistakes in your search. This book will change the way you think about keywords and search strings.

Stay tuned for updates… the book is slated to be published soon!!!