The Recruiter’s Super Query Blueprint is a different kind of book for a different kind of search.

Writing Strong Search Strings  – whether as a sourcer, researcher, or recruiter – is as tough as it is rewarding.

The common assumption is that searching is largely a matter of about identifying and selecting the right keyword. This assumption creates search strings defined by combinations of keywords, synonyms and the like, and is the basis for what they consider to be well designed queries.

While identifying and selecting keywords is important; it is not nearly enough.



Now I’d like to take you behind the scenes for a closer look and a deeper study. One that will pull back the curtain on the topics, tactics, and strategies that don’t show up in blog posts.

Over the last 20 years (before sourcing /Internet Research became the “in” thing), I had to first figure things out for myself, making numerous mistakes and missteps along the way. I’ve also sifted through a decade of the best tips, tactics, and strategies. 

Those lessons learned became the “Recruiter’s Super Query Blueprint”.  This book contains some of those core lessons. It is intended to give you a real grounding in the way to put the components of search string creation together effectively.

The Recruiter’s Super Query Blueprint unfolds the eight essential steps of search string crafting, with concrete descriptions of their implementation.

It explores the art and science of search strings design. I’ll teach you many techniques that are pivotal concepts, which you MUST know if you want to write strong search strings that deliver results.

• Creating your search objective

• Selecting Core Keywords

• Find the right Supporting Keywords

• Strengthening queries thru Keyword Stemming

• Creating word images that target results.

• Integrating words thru strategic positioning

• Design the right approach for your query

• Wiping out Irrelevant Results thru exclusions

Complete with invaluable exercises, techniques and straight forward advise. The Recruiter’s Super Search String Blueprint is a practical and clear guide for any recruiter seeking to improve the results of their database searches. Includes many tools and techniques and examples of how to have put these principles in action. The Recruiters Super Query Blueprint is the only book you’ll ever need to find the right candidates in any database or search engine.