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The keyword search makeover

Makeover1Any recruiter that aims to succeed in this tough sourcing environment must first resolve a basic problem: success in recruitment increasingly depends on the ability to search both  search engines and databases. Yet, many of  those recruiter that many assume to be the best at searching are, in fact, not very good at it. I am talking about the well-educated, highly-committed recruiting professionals.

These recruiters have tremendous difficulty addressing this problem. That is because they aren’t even aware that it exists. The reason: they misunderstand what searching is about and how to bring about the right results through it. As a result, they tend to make two mistakes in their efforts.

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The color of your keywords

What color are of your keywords?

Pink Keywords

The color of your keywords

Do you know that keywords have colors? Yeah!! they absolutely do! The thing is, we color the keywords ourselves. We color them by our experience, by our assumptions of what the word means, the assumptions how they relate to the skill they represent, the assumptions of why they performed the way they did, etc… Every keyword that we use is neatly wrapped and colored with this framework of assumptions.

You might not be aware of it but the coloring becomes apparent the first time you search using a keyword. When you enter a keyword into a search engine or database and get irrelevant results and accordingly proceed to discard those keywords, you’ve formed an image. By abandoning those keywords in favor of an alternate word, they show that you have come to believe that the keyword is not worth pursuing any further. Continue Reading →